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This is my story

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Peter Marshall writes:
From time to time most of us attend funerals. As well as saying good bye to a loved one, family member or friend, it is a reminder that one day, we don't know when, 'my turn will come'.  It is a very solemn thought.
Someone has said: 'If you are not ready to die, you are not ready to live'. Can we be ready? I believe we can.

This is my story:
I was brought up in a church going home, but God didn't mean anything to me until I was a teenager.
I went on a youth holiday camp run by Christians in Dorset. It was such fun. I loved it.
I also learnt, amidst all the games, that God loved me personally very much;
that Jesus Christ was alive today and could be my unseen helper on life's uncertain journey.
Also, that my sins, those things in my life not pleasing to God, could be forgiven, because Jesus had died for me, in my place, to make this possible.
I didn't really understand, but I could see this meant a lot to the staff. It shone from them. They were great people. I wanted what they had.

On August 20th, 1949, aged 14, I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life and be my Saviour and Friend. He did.
He has never let me down and has given me lots to do for Him, especially helping others find a faith that works.
As I get older, the thought that 'the best is yet to come', life with Jesus Christ in heaven, is amazing.
He conquered death on the first Easter Day. He wants me to share in that victory AND YOU. Wow!
Don't miss God's great offer!

What about you? Let me know if I can help you and answer your questions, if I can.
I am at St. Katherine's Church, Bryn Pydew most Sunday's at 11.00 a.m.
We are a small friendly village church. You would be most welcome.
It is all fairly informal and relaxed.
You can contact me at  I live in Glanwydden.

God bless you.